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Digestion Formula 250ml Travel Pouch



250ml Travel Pouch for dilution

*Also available in a 6-pack option

EQUILYTE DIGESTION formula used every day as an additive to drinking water protects against the build-up of bacteria within the respiratory tract which leads to cough and mucus development.

For use with horses that have EHV (Equine Herpes Virus) and have nasal discharge and coughs.

Where a horse has scoped dirty or is coughing, adding DIGESTION formula to drinking water has shown rapid transformation within 2 weeks with the horse undertaking work at level prior to coughing. Dilute in drinking water to a ration of 1 part DIGESTION formula to 8 parts water.

Can be used as a preventative measure where horses have been mixing with others of unknown medical condition at races or events to prevent infection taking hold.

A clear respiratory system is essential for premier performance whether human or animal when undertaking athleticism.

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