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LYTEPRODUCTS - Trusted to protect, proven to perform

We are farmers and bloodstock breeders with a passion for what we do. Our passion led us to develop the LYTEPRODUCTS range. Our products are 100% made in the UK and are chemical free using hardcore science and rigorous testing.

Preventing the overuse of antibiotics in animals

Our ranges are specifically targeted and formulated to fight 99.99% of the pathogens that cause livestock, equine, avian, aquatic and pet problems to help to prevent the overuse of anti-biotics.

LYTEPRODUCTS mirror the immune system and work naturally with the body rapidly killing bacterial, viral and fungal pathogens, maximizing protection.

Find out more about LYTEPRODUCTS and gain an understanding on what makes them so unique and effective.

Available in five ranges: equinelivestockavianaquatic & pet