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About Us

More about what led us to develop the LYTEPRODUCTS range.
Lyteproducts are a clinically proven range of advanced, wound and infection therapies that mirror the body’s immune system. Working naturally with the body, they have been formulated to rapidly kill over 60 known bacterial, viral and fungal pathogens.

The active ingredient of the LYTEPRODUCTS formula, is hypochlorous acid; a substance that is naturally produced by the immune system in response to wounds and infections, so unlike traditional disinfectants, it has no environmental implications and is therefore safe to use on all animals.

Through shear commitment and tireless research at LYTEPRODUCTS, we have managed to produce a stable synthesis of high strength hypochlorous acid that yields incredible results.
Our products are 100% and made in the UK, containing no harmful chemicals.
The selected range of LYTEPRODUCST are specifically targeted and formulated to fight the pathogens that cause livestock, equine, avian, aquatic and pet problems. helping to avoid the over use of anti-biotics.
LYTEPRODUCTS the most powerful weapons in the modern first-aid arsenal, available in five ranges: equine, livestock, avian, aquatic and pet.