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Richard Lennox, Champion Breeder

Agrilyte Disinfection Formula Digestion Disinfection North Country Cheviots prize-winning breeder Scottish Smallholders

Richard Lennox, based at Cassindilly Farm, Ceres, Fife, is a prize-winning breeder and winner of the Overall Pairs Champion at the Scottish Smallholders 2017.

Breeding, both pedigree Blue Texels and North Country Cheviots, Richard has been a regular on the show circuit for a number of years prior to making the breakthrough as a ‘Champion’.

‘I have used AgrilyteTM Digestion and Disinfection from Lyteproducts for over 18 months and would not use any other products again because they not only maintain my flock but improve it”.

Richard Lennox, Champion breeder
Kinlomand Blue Texels

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