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Rebecca Cooper, International Dressage Rider

Rebecca Cooper is a Midlands based dressage rider with 30 years experience specialising in the breeding, development and training of young horses. She has trained up to Grand-Prix level on her own horses and competed in International Young Horse Classes.

“Lyteproducts are a revolution for the equestrian industry. I tried the digestion formula with a very difficult horse who is prone to stomach ulcers, which are aggravated primarily through stress. The results, within a very short timeframe were astounding. The formula keeps the horse sane, balanced and content in his general demeanour when used as part of his daily routine. The formula is also invaluable after travelling and allows the horse to settle and relax comfortably after doing so.

The respiratory formula has proven invaluable for a particularly large young horse who is prone to dust allergies. The daily use of the formula daily has proven exceptional at keeping his airways clear and cough free.

The regeneration formula is brilliant to have on hand for minor cuts and skin problems. A truly genius product and an essential part of the equine first aid kit.

Equilyte products now form an invaluable part of the care and maintenance of my horses and I highly recommend them to any horse owner.”

Rebecca Cooper, International Dressage Rider and Breeder

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