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From The Scottish Farmer

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CLEANLINESS and infection control in the lambing/calving shed is paramount at all times and a new product developed and manufactured in Fife, intends to be the most powerful weapon in the modern first-aid arsenal.

Four specifically targeted ranges, Equilyte, Agrilyte, Avilyte and Petlyte mirror the immune system and work naturally with the body, rapidly killing bacterial, viral and fungal pathogens, thus maximising protection.

Chemical-free, the ranges are specifically targeted and formulated to fight the pathogens that cause livestock, equine, avian and pet problems helping to avoid the over use of antibiotics.

Clinically proven to kill pathogens on contact, they do not harm healthy tissue or slow down the healing process. Up to 80-300 times more effective at killing pathogens than hypochlorite or bleach, they are also safe if licked off the skin and, emulating skin pH, they do not sting when touched.

They are competition safe, containing no banned substances and the active ingredient is a stable active halogen in the form or hypochlorus acid and will, therefore, will not affect water quality.

The company is also looking for give a few free samples away on a first come first served basis.
For further information contact Sam Harrison, or Chris Grant at

From The Scottish Farmer - 27th January 2016

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